A Different Kind of Place

As an organization, we are 100% mission-driven. Our theory of change focuses on the development of proof points at the level of school, district, region or state, to support the transformation of policy and practice. These proof points will pull models and systems closer to actively demonstrating the Future of Learning we seek. It is through these changes that our systems will promote and reward a shift towards better outcomes for all kids.

We realize our social impact through direct work with adults at all levels of the system. If we want personalized, competency-based learning experiences for students, the adults in the system need opportunities to experience this same approach to learning. We do this by building both skills and knowledge and helping to support a move toward a culture of innovation. We help broaden the dialogue, shift perspective and model different ways of thinking about and solving complex problems through the development, use and dissemination of publications, design tools and resources.

Measuring our Impact.

We take our learning agenda seriously, both to continually inform and improve our work, as well as to measure our direct and indirect impact over time.  Up front, we always want to be clear on learning objectives for each partnership. We see evidence of impact both from the subjective perspectives of participants and the outcomes they are able to produce with our help (i.e., developing new models, successfully implementing prototypes, building and sustaining a culture of innovation, etc.). There are a large number of formative indicators, but our long-term aim is to fundamentally shift outcomes for students as evidenced by increased student achievement, demonstrable attainment of deeper learning outcomes, teacher retention and measurable systemic improvements. See our Portfolio for examples of our partners' impact.