Transforming Systems

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Aspen Institute: Deeper learning meets student agency; teacher capacity building while helping districts think through how to grow deeper learning more systemically; funded by Bezos Family Foundation; new city each year. SY16-17/17-18 was Philly; SY 17-18/ 18-19 Dallas; next likely district is Louisville.

Center for Innovation in Education: Assessment for Learning Project is a 3 yr grant program and community of practice focused on rethinking assessment. Currently, 18 grantees ranging from states (CO, NH, HI, VA, CA) to districts to CMOs experimenting w/ cutting edge assessment practices. Goal now in Y2-3 is grantee support and field building.

Carnegie Corporation: Key elements include: internal working team (w 4-person VBCPS); Comm Advisory Group; Landscape Analysis; Community-based Visioning Sessions (6); Prototyping Network (2 topics); measuring changes in integrative/innovative Mindsets over time.

Hamilton Co: Whole school new start middle as part of a strategy to positively disrupt an entire feeder pattern (3 elem, 2 existing middle and 1 large failing HS); includes some front-end Discovery work (FGs, survey, CBV) to inform design.

Kauffman: Still working to clarify, but goal is to stay closely connected w emerging Kauffman regional strategy (building on previous stages of our partnership), but pivot more to explicit design work with regional schools/districts.

Littleton Public Schools: ?

Loudoun County Public Schools: This body of work originally helped the district develop a better handle on rethinking assessment in a large district- this involved building awareness, helping this team think differently about professional learning, and move to document and share data differently (through a balanced scorecard). This next phase of the work continues to systemic approaches to scaling innovation, including applying for innovation waiver from the State, supporting efforts to rethink professional learning and using data transparency as a tool to create greater coherence.

Manchester Proud: 2Revolutions is excited to announce a new collaboration with Manchester Proud, a community-based movement bringing the city of Manchester together to define and create a shared vision and plan for Manchester’s schools. After a robust community engagement effort, 2Rev has been brought on board to guide the next phase of work in creating an aspirational and achievable strategic plan for the Manchester School District. You can read more about this partnership here.

Millburn Public Schools: ?

New Hampshire School Administrative Unit 16: ?

Seacoast School Districts: This is a chance to support 5 NH districts to move toward CBE.

University of Texas - IPSI: 7-year partnership with UT-IPSI to support building capacity and integration across district grantee communities. Will launch with support in 2/6 districts in year 1, then 2 more districts in year 2. Will include discovery (landscape analysis and community-based visioning) + establishment/launch of community advisory councils in each district. Subsequent years will support districts with ongoing design and facilitation of advisory councils to help communities build capacity to support students in achieving educational success.

Tulsa: Work w TPS on initial Discovery phase (LA, FGs, CBV, Survey, Grad Profile, Student Personas) to inform Phase 2 design of HS transformation process. Phase 2 marks the transition from P1: Discovery to kick-off of actually designing with the ~2-4 (of 10) local HSs that opt into the process.

University of Vermont: 2Rev partners with University of Vermont (UVM) Continuing & Distance Education and the College of Medicine to develop a new health career pathways design. Part of this is designing and facilitating community empathy sessions; while another part of this work is rethinking how the back end learner analytics for how learners travel these pathways between HS, Community College, University and the Workforce.

Winooski School District: 2Rev leads the design for a Barr Foundation planning phase to help design a school-wide ecosystem of learning. The work is focused on mapping the region to find partners interested in supporting learning through expeditions, capstones and internships for students in grades 6-12 and building teacher capacity to make this transition to a very different kind of instruction and assessment.