Transforming Systems

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We need systems that can build demand for future of learning and deliver it by leading and managing around the structures and culture necessary to implement these models at scale. 2Rev supports communities to define the vision and leaders to address systemic opportunities and barriers to realize these future of learning visions.

Current Partners

Aspen Institute: The Aspen Challenge, a program of the Aspen Institute with full support from the Bezos Family Foundation, provides inspiration, tools and a platform for young people to design solutions to some of the most critical problems humanity faces. The initiative selects one community each year for a deep 2-year investment in building district capacity to increase student agency and deeper learning. Using the community, and community-based challenges as a way to build youth leadership and make the connection between the classroom and significant, measurable community-based change. 2Rev has joined Aspen over the past few years to help support the educators taking part in this life changing experience use it as a way to deepen their understanding of learner agency and shift instruction and assessment to be more student-driven. During SY18-19, we are working with educators in Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY. We hope to learn how to scale learner agency in large complex districts by focusing on building educator capacity and leadership.

Assessment Learning Project: The Assessment Learning Project (ALP) is one part community of practice and one part grant program. As the work has evolved, ALP is now eagerly working with a growing community of practice to help support much broader shift to assessment for learning principles across the country. 2Rev, in partnership with CIE and NGLC, helped support the development and growth of ALP. 2Rev has been a leadership team member and design partner. We have learned a tremendous amount on the front lines of assessment policy and practice innovation which we have brought back to our core work with schools and systems. Additionally, we have learned about innovative grant making that prioritizes learning AND impact.

Carnegie Corporation: As one of five inaugural grantees to Carnegie Corporation's Integration Deisgn Consortium launched in 2016, 2Rev selected and has been working with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools to help them develop a more innovative, integrative community. During 2017-18, we formed a diverse Community Advisory Group, conducted a landscape analysis to determine the community's readiness and capacity to transform toward the future, and led a series of community-based visioning sessions. This process led to a focus on two specific challenges: ensuring equitable access to opportunity for all students and how to build transformational mindsets among educators and parents. During SY 18-19, diverse teams of educators, parents and community stakeholders participated in a year-long Prototyping Network, through which we facilitated teams' efforts to apply the design process to develop and present potential solutions to these wicked problems.

Kauffman: Since 2016, 2Rev has partnered in multiple ways with with the Foundation to support its efforts to nurture the development of an innovative education ecosystem across the Greater Kansas City region (2 states, 6 counties and 67 LEAs). Our varied roles have included: functioning as a strategic desgin partner to the Foundation; facilitating dialogue and strategic planning among a group of local education stakeholders seeking to help catalyze the innovation ecosystem; conducting a comprehensive landscape analysis to assess regional readiness and capacity to transform toward Future of Learning models and systems against seven dimensions (i.e., policy environment, resources, data infrastructure, leadership capacity, learning orientation, innovation culture, and public will/demand); and supporting the design of a multiyear regional strategy to invite interested (and “ready”) school districts to engage in a process to rethink and redesign high school.

Littleton Public Schools: After passage of a bond levy in Fall 2018 to upgrade and develop new school buildings, 2Rev has partnered with district leadership and local funders to engage the broader community around a future-focused vision for student learning. This work included designing a facilitating a series of community-based visioning sessions and conducting a landscape analysis to better understand the community's readiness and capacity to move toward this future vision, and will lead to recommendations to inform the district's next generation strategy to help ensure students are developing the knowledge, skills and mindsets that need to be successful in the future.

Manchester Proud: 2Revolutions is partnering with Manchester Proud, a community-based movement bringing the city of Manchester together to define and create a shared vision and plan for Manchester’s schools. After a robust community engagement effort, 2Rev has been brought on board to guide the next phase of work in creating an aspirational and achievable strategic plan for the Manchester School District by analyzing Teaching & Learning; Finance; Governance; Organizational Effectiveness; and Community Agencies, and designing and facilitating a community planning group to make meaning and help drive the creation of a plan and be the storytellers to build community support and buy-in for the plan.

NAF: 2Rev partners with an organization or two each year that has sizable impact in the field. Our goal is to help them refine their definition of the Future of Learning and move their content and process in ways that exemplify that future. Our work with NAF over the past six months has been focused on listening to their stakeholders (students, educators, corporate advisory board and their core staff) to refine a definition for the future of learning and begin to plan concretely toward a future that is more learner driven and personalized. Given their work at the intersection of deeper learning, CTE and work-based learning, we are learning a great deal about how they can deepen their existing impact and scale more broadly.

New Hampshire School Administrative Unit 16: 2Rev is entering the second year of a partnership with SAU-16 with a focus on supporting student-centered learning. The focus of our energy is supporting building and systems leaders to catalyze structural, cultural and practice shifts to move in that direction. We are learning about the criticality of culture to support transformation.

University of Texas - IPSI: As part of a 7-year partnership with University of Texas-Austin / Institute for Public School Initiatives, 2Rev is supporting federal GEAR UP grantee districts across the state to build community support for innovative approaches to teaching and learning. The work includes landscape analysis, community-based visioning sessions and the establishment of community advisory councils in each community.

Tulsa: Since early 2018, 2Rev has supported Tulsa Public Schools' Design Lab to develop and launch the Tulsa Beyond initiative to empower schools and the broader community to reimagine the high school experience around a broader definition of student success. We initially served as TPS' core design partner on the overall effort - including strategy, supporting Discovery (interviews, focus groups, surveys), conducting a comprehensive landscape analysis (including mapping student access to opportunity structures), and leading community-based visioning sessions. We subsequently supported a multi-month design process with a first cohort of high school design teams, and are currently supporting district leadership through the change process.

University of Missouri Kansas City: With support from the Kauffman Foundation, 2Rev is partnering with the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Education to support a bold effort to reimagine higher education's role in providing transformative pre- and in-service professional learning for educators both within and beyond the Greater Kansas City region.

University of Vermont: 2Rev partnered with University of Vermont (UVM) Continuing & Distance Education and the College of Medicine to develop a new health career pathways design. We were interested in this project as a way to disaggregate traditional learning into a series of micro-learning opportunities, focused on three learning archetypes — current students (HS/college); unemployed; and the incumbent health care workforce. How can a competency-based education system shift the trajectory for a wide range of learners?

University of Virginia/Curry School of Ed/Youth-Nex: 2Rev partnered with the University of Virginia Youth-Nex Center to Promote Effective Youth Development to design and facilitate the Remaking Middle School Summit - a national convening of researchers, practitioners, providers, policymakers, funders and others committed to a shared vision and commitment to reframe and improve learning experiences and outcomes for youth in the middle grades.

Winooski School District: 2Rev is working with this small, high-need urban district in northern Vermont, with support from the Barr Foundation, as lead design partner for the district to build an ecosystem of learning. The objective is to engender more student ownership and personalize the learning experience for all kids, based on their unique skills and interests, and anchored to how the district has defined success on Graduate Expectations (GXs) and Graduate Proficiencies (GPs). The vision for this effort is to bridge the divide between school and broader community, with a focus on deepening student engagement and accelerating student learning outcomes by intentionally leveraging the ecosystem of actors in the region. The work provides an opportunity to bring together the energy and power of students with the needs of select businesses and community organizations, with the intent of addressing real needs and unlocking more authentic and relevant learning for all our students. This will manifest itself in learning that leverages real-world challenges, a hybrid of in- and out-of-school learning, and exclusively out-of-school learning. 2Rev is lead designer of the effort and also providing the professional learning necessary for educators to support student learning from an instruction and assessment standpoint.

Previous Partners

  • Project Lead the Way

  • Pueblo City Schools (CO)

  • Reading Plus (VT)

  • Re-School (Donnell-Kay Foundation - CO)

  • Save Our Schools (New Orleans - LA)

  • The Community Group (MA)

  • Transform SC (South Carolina Department of Education)

  • Urban Assets Initiative - New Profit (MA)

  • Urban Teacher Residency United (IL)

  • Vermont PreK-16 Council

  • EDUCAUSE (NGLC Higher Ed)

  • Kaplan Higher Ed Group

  • RULER Project - Center for Social and Emotional Intelligence (Yale University - CT)

  • Denver School of Innovation & Sustainable Design (Denver Public Schools)

  • NH Story of Transformation (NHDOE)

  • NH Vision 2.0: New Hampshire Goes First (NHDOE)

  • Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) Time Collaborative School Profiles

  • Creating Community Partnerships to Boost Student Learning (CEI)

  • Denver Public Schools Storytelling Partner

  • Next Gen Learning Challenges (NGLC)

  • Roadmap for Competency-based Systems ( Council of Chief State School Officers - Innovation Lab Network)

  • Amplify - School By Design

  • Assessment for Learning Project (Gates Foundation; Hewlett Foundation)

  • Brandywine School District (DE)

  • CMO Effectiveness Study (Gates Foundation; Walton Foundation)

  • Colorado Department of Education

  • Colorado Education Initiative (aka, CO Legacy Foundation

  • Colorado Youth for Change

  • Communities in Schools (NC)

  • (Hewlett Foundation)

  • EdFuel (Walton Foundation)

  • Essential Skills & Dispositions Market Map (Center for Innovation in Education-EPIC)

  • Initial Teacher Education - Global Community of Practice (Gates Foundation)

  • LearNYC Swarm (MacArthur Foundation)

  • Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education

  • Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL)

  • Networked State Support Strategy (NH Department of Education)

  • New Castle County Vocational Tech District (DE)

  • New Leaders for New Schools

  • New Hampshire Learning Initiative

  • New Tech Network

  • Next Generation Learning Challenges

  • Loudoun County Public Schools

  • Millburn Public Schools