Technology won't solve our education system's problems, but it will certainly enable our solutions. These courses focus on how to leverage tech to amplify the learning students need now. 

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The Highlander Institute is an education non-profit organization focused on researching, developing, and disseminating innovative methods to improve outcomes for all learners.

EdSurge serves up the best resources to people who choose, use, manage, implement or build edtech through product reviews, events and research.

2Revolutions is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system.

Tech-Enabled Courses

Digital Game-Based Learning: In this foundational course, educators learn about digital games as educational tools and create a plan to implement a digital game in their classroom.

Exploring Blended Learning: This course is an exploration of blended learning. In it you will find resources that define blended learning, explain core beliefs and assumptions, describe important components, explore different models, and show blended learning in action. You’ll have opportunities to reflect on blended learning as it applies to you personally and to the role you hold.

Project-Based Learning in a Blended Environment: This course is designed to deepen educators’ understanding of how to implement Project-Based Learning in a blended environment.

Leading Blended Learning: This upper level course guides school leaders through the basics of blended learning, presents the tools and tricks of the trade and provides resources to support the process of leading innovation and change.

Blended Learning - A Deeper Dive: This upper level course is designed for educators who have a general understanding of Blended Learning and are ready to explore more inventive models, deepen opportunities for student voice and choice and infuse rigor into their lessons.