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These courses were co-designed through a partnership between the tech-enabled and blended learning experts at Highlander Institute and 2Revolutions.

The Highlander Institute envisions an equitable, just educational system that meets the needs of all students as it prepares them for success in our complex, rapidly changing world. The Highlander Institute cultivates and disseminates innovative education solutions that improve educator and system capacity to provide personalized experiences for every learner.

2Revolutions (2Rev) is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system. 2Rev works with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K12 and Higher Education to design, build, and implement new learning models and help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future. In its work with educators, 2Rev provides in-person, blended, and online learning experiences on a range of Future of Learning topics, including tech-enabled and blended learning. 

Tech-enabled Courses

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Exploring Blended Learning: This foundational course is an exploration of blended learning and an intentional integration of technology into instruction. There are resources that define blended learning, explain core beliefs and assumptions, describe important components, explore different models, and show blended learning in action.

Digital Game-Based Learning: In this course, educators learn about using digital games as a tool for instruction and assessment. Well-designed games incorporate many of the learning principles that teachers strive to include in their lessons, including learner agency, interaction, iterative feedback, customization, and risk-taking.

Blended Learning: A Deeper Dive: This course is designed for learners who have a general understanding of Blended Learning, may have implemented a basic station rotation approach, and are ready to explore models that further integrate technology into instruction and assessment, deepen opportunities for learner agency, and infuse rigor in their lessons.

Leading Blended Learning (Coming Spring 2018): This upper level course guides school leaders through the basics of blended learning, presents tools to assist in the integration of technology into instruction and assessment and provides resources that guide the process of innovation and change.

Additional courses will be added in mid-2018 through a partnership with EdSurge. EdSurge serves up the best resources to people who choose, use, manage, implement or build edtech through product reviews, events and research.