Power of Design

Since our founding in 2008, 2Rev has helped to define the fast-evolving field of design-inspired innovation within the education sector. Everything we do is built upon the principles of integrative design – which recognizes that complex problems cannot be solved by focusing on one element at a time, in isolation from the other “parts” of the system.  We lead with invitation and work to ensure that each stakeholder has the opportunity to inform design.

Design is the prism through which we see the world and our work. By approaching complex problems as curious design thinkers, we don’t show up with preordained solutions. There is no “2Rev model.”  Instead, we work with our partners to identify root causes, design solutions at the right scale, clarify testable hypotheses and become empowered to successfully implement their ideas. 



The image above depicts our “short-cycle prototype” design methodology. Unlike traditional efforts to reform classrooms, schools or systems, the short-cycle approach requires continuous learning and iteration in “cycles.”  After clearly defining a specific challenge or opportunity in your unique context (define) and working to understand it from many perspectives (empathy), you brainstorm a range of potential solutions (ideate), each with its own clear, testable hypothesis. You select the best fit for your context (prioritize) and determine what it will take to test your idea in the real world (build). By experimenting within explicitly timed cycles, you continually test, learn and share your results, creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. The discipline of this user-centered approach can help you unlock new solutions to old problems.