Allison AKhnoukh Design Manager  

Allison AKhnoukh
Design Manager

ali brown dir. of lEARNING transformation

ali brown
dir. of lEARNING transformation

Rose colby 2rev fellow  

Rose colby
2rev fellow

ami desai DESIGN MANAGER  

ami desai

Nicole Falcone Dir. of Storytelling

Nicole Falcone
Dir. of Storytelling

Todd Kern Founder + Partner

Todd Kern
Founder + Partner

Rachel Lopkin Project associate

Rachel Lopkin
Project associate

brigid moriarty-guerrero instructional designer

brigid moriarty-guerrero
instructional designer

ben rayer Partner

ben rayer

Adam Rubin Founder + Partner

Adam Rubin
Founder + Partner

Jim Stephens Design Manager

Jim Stephens
Design Manager

Elizabeth Stephens Project Associate

Elizabeth Stephens
Project Associate


We are a team of educators, designers, and entrepreneurs. We believe in mixing teams of people who bring a diverse set of perspectives, experiences, and talent to tackle complex problems and pursue new opportunities.

Our core team is the creative engine and heart of 2Rev, the people working each day to help realize the Future of Learning for kids and families. At the end of each year, we all ask and answer the same question: do I have more opportunities today than last year and, if so, is 2Rev still the best place for me to have impact, leverage my skills and passions, and grow as a professional and individual?  We aspire to live the “second revolution” of our firm’s name, innovating new ways of working and collaborating.  This is also why we built the 2Rev TalentCloud™ – our collection of individuals and organizations who enable on-demand access to the range of expertise needed to build Future of Learning models and systems.

Finally, everything is about people. Systems are people. Leadership is people. Culture is people. Change is made by people, in specific contexts, but it cannot simply happen to them. Progress is fueled not only by competence, but also through a mix of respect, humility, authenticity, and transparency. At 2Rev, we strive to be partners, not vendors. Transformation is complex work that can only be done together over time. No short cuts. Period.