2Rev has led 300+ unique design and professional learning engagements in more than 35 states with forward-thinking partners across the education industry. 2Rev partners deeply with schools, districts, states, foundations and other organizations committed to transforming toward the Future of Learning. Most 2Rev design partnerships also leverage the InspirED social learning platform to drive sustainable impact over time.

the Future of Learning.

your Future of Learning.

your Future of Learning.

your Future of Learning.

These half- and full-day design sessions help catalyze a new way of seeing the education problems we face and can prepare diverse groups of educators for deeper work to begin building the Future of Learning.

As your design partner, we work through a strategic planning process that helps you clarify objectives, leverage assets, identify and mitigate barriers, and chart a course to realize your Future of Learning vision. We can also help you "Tell the Story" of emerging successes.


Working together we can support you and your teams to design your Future of Learning – which could be focused on the level of classroom, a full school (re)design, a district-wide plan, a shift in state policy, a national initiative, or a transformation in organizational culture.

At the encouragement of existing partners, 2Rev now offers a comprehensive model for providing ongoing personalized coaching and implementation supports for school design teams who are ready to put their designs into action.

Partners in Transformation   |   Putting it All Together

While we welcome opportunities to work with partners in brief spurts on specific challenges or opportunities, we are most excited – and believe we are most effective – when we can lock arms and collaborate deeply over the long-term.  This enables our team to add value across the full scope of our offering and is explicitly aligned with our goal of developing compelling proof points at the levels of school, district/region and state.  It’s also consistent with our commitment to operate as partners, not vendors.

See examples where we’ve had a chance to partner more deeply:


Citybridge foundation (Washington, d.c.)

new hampshire