What We Value

These six core values guide everything we do and serve as a foundation for our organizational culture – who we are and aspire to become, how we work and with whom we choose to partner.  

  1. Impact. We exist to help catalyze and scale bold, measurable solutions to the education challenges we’re most passionate about.
  2. Creativity. We seek to bring a fresh, imaginative perspective to all our efforts, which we believe generates better solutions.
  3. Quality. We all have choices for how we spend finite resources. Quality is not optional – our partners deserve it and we demand it from ourselves.
  4. Community. We choose to work with colleagues and partners who share our ethics, values and passion for change.
  5.  Fun. We want to love what we do, so we do what we love.
  6.  Balance. By maintaining balance among the many priorities in our lives, each of us will be more impactful and happier over the long haul.

What We Believe

Our Values are a compass, but our Beliefs motivate and inspire us to get there:

  • Dream big – TRANSFORM, don't tinker
  • Design is our form of action
  • New is not better, different is not better. Better is better. Best solutions should win, period
  • Assemble and create using a “kit of parts” – leverage the best from what already exists, but move past the familiarity of your own experience
  • Drive quality through questioning
  • Metrics matter – make strategic measurement of success part of the solution
  • Take risks – relentlessly pursue testable hypotheses and fail quickly toward success
  • Partner, not vendor – we’re in the work with you
  • Respect, kindness and humility – give, receive, repeat
  • Happy people are smarter, more creative and more productive
  • Do what you love, for good!

Values matter. We are both for-profit and mission-driven. We are trying to nurture a different kind of organization. From our launch, we have been motivated by three interdependent goals:

  1. Social Impact: this is why we exist. We must have the discipline to define and measure what we mean, and transparently share our progress. This is how we keep score on what matters most.
  2.  Financial Success: we appreciate the chance to do well and do good. We also believe in the power of enlightened, profit-seeking capital to foment meaningful change. If we do this right, financial growth enables ever greater social impact.
  3.  Life Platform: in an integrated world – with increasingly blurred lines between work and home and play – we see 2Rev as a platform for ourselves and others to lead the lives we want to lead. Our integrated lives enable intellectual and economic independence. This makes us all happier, more creative, better at our jobs and more likely to stick around.