Why Free & Open Content?

Our team at 2Revolutions – with generous support from a national funder and through deep collaboration with a range of leading organizations – is spearheading a large-scale effort to make available free, high-quality learning content to help educators gain the knowledge and skills they need to personalize learning for students. Our thesis is simple: If we can leverage a set of high quality, free and open content and deploy it broadly, we can accelerate the transition to personalized learning.

The move toward more personalized, learner-centered models and systems is part of the solution we’re all striving toward for kids and families. Unfortunately, most of the field currently lacks readiness and capacity to do the complex work of transformation needed to realize personalized learning models and systems. The absence of consistent, high-quality content and engagement strategies makes it more difficult and inefficient for states, districts and providers to support efforts to increase field readiness and capacity. Working together with our partners, we can help address this gap.

Our growing set of partners, which includes world class organizations that are already reshaping the field, bring a rich set of content knowledge and expertise. Between Fall 2017 and Fall 2019, we will work with our partners to drive the use of promising tools, resources and materials in the field (within state agencies, districts and charter management organizations) and through provider-led design and implementation. Together, we believe we can build the field’s capacity to implement personalized learning.

Key Partners

A number of organizations have banded together to make this work come to life and create the best content around in each of their areas of expertise. These partners include: Center for Collaborative EducationEdSurgeHighlander InstituteHigh Tech HighInstitute for Personalized LearningJobs for the FutureNext Generation Learning Challenges, reDesign and Southern New Hampshire University.

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Explore the Content

Each partner organization will be collaborating with 2Revolutions to develop content based on their area of expertise. This content will be delivered through scaffolded, credit-bearing educator learning experiences, including adult learning progressions, leveled playlists, courses and stand-alone credentialing opportunities. Click on the icons below to learn more about the content and when it will be available.


Learn More & Get Involved

We will be blogging regularly about this work. Check out the recent posts below to learn more.

Reach out to Meaghan Foster at meaghan@2revolutions.net if you have any additional questions or are interested in partnering in this initiative, and follow all of the partner organizations on Twitter for regular updates!