Nicole lives in Harrisburg, PA, along the Susquehanna River with her husband, new baby girl, and their pup Tula.

Nicole Falcone | Director of Storytelling

As the Director of Storytelling, Nicole oversees 2Rev’s storytelling efforts using a blend of narrative, film, audio, illustration, and design to share the ideas, insights, and work of our partners and team in redesigning learning experiences. Education at its heart is about people and our stories reflect that. Before leading storytelling, Nicole served as 2Rev's Director of Digital Experience, overseeing the launch and product management of InspirED, our social learning and collaboration platform that supports 2Rev's work and design efforts around the country.

Nicole came to 2Rev after working as a technology, creative writing and English teacher, and before that, a journalist. She graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with an MA in English Education, and Lehigh University with a double major in English and Journalism. Her love of words and people runs deep. 

Why do stories matter?

“Eventually everything connects,” said the great designer Charles Eames. Stories are the way we weave these connections. It’s how we make sense of our world, our actions, our behaviors, and life. From the beginning of time, humans have been telling stories. We communicate through story. And when it comes to unlearning or rethinking what education could and should look like, story is a powerful method. At 2Rev, we use story to show what has worked; to inspire; to push ourselves and others. Without creating and sharing stories, how else could we learn from one another? How will things change? Each day I get to contemplate what makes a good story, how to tell it, how to co-create it with partners, and how to push the envelope in terms of medium and craft.

Why create digital experiences?

In graduate school I wrote my thesis on how technology can be a disruptive force in the English classroom, especially as a way to engage my most introverted students. I’ve been interested ever since in how virtual platforms create opportunities and experiences that might not exist otherwise, and InspirED is that space for us. We created InspirED, first and foremost, because WE needed a platform to do our work as a virtual firm. We also were excited about the potential in creating an online platform that connected a vast network of educator innovators and designers, all working to build their own future of learning. The platform has now become a playground for our team to prototype new ideas around taxonomy, content sharing, virtual learning and more. One of the elements that makes me most fulfilled at 2Rev is that we’re experimenters, and we’re constantly testing out new methods and tools to see how it impacts our own work and those of our partners. InspirED is the place for much to happen. Hope to see you in there :)