Meaghan lives in Claremont, CA with her partner, a new puppy, and a badly behaved cat.

Meaghan Foster | Consultant

Meaghan is an educational professional passionate about the Future of Learning and educational equity. As a Consultant at 2Rev, Meaghan supports educators and school communities as they work to redesign school to better serve all students. In the course of her duties, she designs professional learning experiences, provides project management for complex bodies of work, and supports 2Rev’s thought leadership.

Most recently, Meaghan was an associate at the Center for Collaborative Education, where she served on the Quality Performance Assessment team, working with educators, school, district, and state leaders to put evidence-based approaches to student-centered instruction and assessment into practice. She has broad experience in education, including direct service within both a traditional public school and a high-performing charter school, educational consulting for a national organization working to transform educator preparation, and research examining how nonprofits navigate the state policy environment. Meaghan graduated with an Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A in English from Carleton College. She loves learning and supporting other learners.

Why were you compelled to join the 2Rev team?

I was drawn to 2Rev because of the team’s important work on the Future of Learning and the innovative practices 2Rev has developed to support educators working to transform education. I fundamentally believe that if we want educators to leverage personalized, competency-based techniques, they need to experience these techniques as learners. 2Rev has designed a variety of in-person and online professional learning opportunities grounded in this philosophy, creating symmetry between the youth and adult experience and better preparing educators to create rich learning experiences for students.

What excites you about your ongoing role in education transformation?

I have seen students lose their love of learning within a rigid, one-size-fits-all education system. The work of education transformation excites me because I know that in a growing number of classrooms across the country, educators are finding creative and innovative ways to personalize learning and foster student agency. School systems are designing new structures to ensure all students are prepared for lifelong learning. Communities are advocating for models of education that serve all students, particularly those that have not been served well by the traditional education system. The promise I see in my work with educators fills me with hope and fuels me as I support these transformational efforts.