Kelly lives in Austin, TX with her wife, Desiree, and their two amazing kids, Nico and Cruz.

Kelly Ocasio | Senior Consultant

Kelly is a senior consultant at 2Rev, with a focus on systems change. In this role, she helps organizations and communities build, redesign, and sustain systemic change within themselves. She is passionate about building strong relationships and engaging in collective impact to affect meaningful and lasting transformation.

Kelly joins 2Rev from the Texas Education Agency, where she was most recently the Director of Pathways within the division of College, Career, and Military Preparation. In this role, she worked on initiatives aimed at creating and supporting comprehensive, high-quality college and career pathways for Texas students that are aligned with labor market demand. Kelly’s previous professional endeavors include a portfolio of experiences across the P-16 continuum, including working at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with the School of Education’s College Access Program, teaching undergraduate courses in the Teacher Education Program, serving as a Posse Foundation Program Mentor, and working as a Dual Language Kindergarten teacher in Texas and Wisconsin. Kelly holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis and Curriculum & Instruction from UW-Madison, focusing her research on Latino teachers’ pathways into education and the need to diversify the teacher pipeline. She also has a BS in Elementary Education and Spanish from UW-Madison and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the UT – San Antonio. She is passionate about social justice, educational equity, access and opportunity that lead to meaningful experiences for all students.

What does the Future of Learning mean to you?

For me, Future of Learning models ensure that education systems work together to make certain that students cultivate the skills and learning that will serve them in the future that awaits them. These innovative models provide a fluid, seamless transition throughout the pipeline and into job opportunities that are aligned with Future of Work models. Schools approach students through a strengths-based framework, valuing them for the unique beings and learners that they are and allowing them to demonstrate their learning through personalized, competency-based formats. Students should be engaged in learning opportunities that have strong, intentional connections to the real world, cultivating curiosity and creativity. The Future of Learning requires innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and strong cross-sector collaboration as we must enact educational reform that will create a strong talent pipeline of young adults who are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the future.

What inspires you most about this work?

I am most excited about engaging in the educational transformation and innovation that I want to see for my own children’s future. While I have always been passionate and devoted to educational equity and social justice, having children of my own has inspired me in new ways. Our antiquated learning models often reward compliance and status quo, rather than cultivating curiosity, innovation, and creativity. These models also disservice many diverse populations of students and families. All children deserve an education that is personalized, relevant, and representative of who they are. They deserve an education that will equip them with the knowledge and skills they will need in their future. I am excited about having a seat at the table to help systems re-envision how they can launch innovative education ecosystems. I am also excited to engage in education redesign that intentionally addresses equity head-on and ensures a strong diversity of voices, people, and experiences throughout all parts of the education pipeline, including access, engagement, and opportunity.