Students and Families Deserve Better

In our rapidly changing world, today’s students need the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be successful in the complex future that awaits them. They must learn to work and thrive in an increasingly connected economy. They must solve problems, collaborate and create. Our current system isn’t educating students to meet these demands, so we work with our partners to rethink how things work from the ground up. We’re unthinking school to rethink learning.

The Future of Learning represents our thesis and framework for doing this design work across models and system, but it’s more “map” than script. It provides a way to help you understand the complexity and think differently about what’s possible. The framework defines the design principles underpinning the new system and the conditions that either enable or constrain progress toward the future by changing the paradigm of what learning looks like for young people and adults. Most important, it creates a way to focus on one part of the problem at a time, while not losing sight of how the puzzle pieces fit together.

To learn more, read our paper, Designing the Future of Learning, or watch our Future of Learning video: