About the Talent Cloud

From the start, we felt strongly that we did not want to follow a traditional staffing model. We're not trying to build a consulting firm – we're trying to solve complex social problems. The more people we hire, the more obligated we feel to sell what they know how to do, which diminishes our flexibility to think creatively about each unique challenge we encounter. As a result, even as we continue to grow, we intend to keep our core team lean.

Precisely because no one has all the answers, 2Revolutions is systematically "seeding" the Talent Cloud™ – a distinctive pool of professionals with the skills and experience necessary to help build the Future of Learning. As a result, we enjoy efficient access to a deep supply of expertise that is available at the moment at which demand exists – not the other way around. 

We're not interested only in what someone knows how to do, or even what they're best at, but also what they're most passionate about. We find that professionals who do what they love are happier, more creative and more productive – all of which help us generate superior outcomes. 2Rev has assembled a flexible and increasingly robust network of experts to support our work. 

This growing community of individual and organizational professionals covers a broad range of topics, including: educational technology tools; blended learning; creative staffing/scheduling models; redefined teacher roles; competency-based learning; project-based learning; facilities redesign; change management; stakeholder engagement; learning sciences; learning games; emergent media; cost-effective learning models; innovation ecosystems and many other “Future of Learning” topics. As a core part of our business model, this flexible, on-demand supply of best-in-class talent enables us to efficiently access the expertise we need to meet the objectives of our work and, in particular, to provide customized “expert consultations” on key topics for design teams with whom we’re working closely.


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