Tiarra, 12th-grader at SLA


2Revolutions recently spent time in Philadelphia with NGLC, visiting innovative project-based high schools. Science Leadership Academy (SLA) is a high school in Philadelphia that prides itself on being inquiry-driven and project-based. 

According to SLA, the school works hard to "provide a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship. Students at SLA learn in a project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in all classes."

Tiarra is one inspiring senior we met, who had just completed her Capstone project, the culminating senior project that is totally student-driven. For her project, she designed and built three wooden furniture pieces, shown in the picture to the left. Tiarra was beaming with pride as she showed off her craftsmanship, pointing out the details that make her pieces unique. Tiarra secured a spot in the Rhode Island School of Design's freshman class, where she will study furniture design.