William, Ninth-grader at DSISD

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“Here if you don’t understand something, our teachers will try something different, and they’ll
keep finding options until you understand it. I don’t feel dumb anymore.”
– William, Ninth-Grader
Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design (DSISD)

Our team at 2Revolutions was lucky enough to spend a few days visiting and filming DSISD, a new competency-based high school in Denver, Colorado. DSISD’s staff of joyful, authentic, wicked smart and motivated teachers and leaders are working to create a completely new learning experience for their first-year class, one based on real world, authentic in- and out- of the classroom learning experiences with a focus on innovation, social entrepreneurship and STEM. Students at DSISD choose their own pathway of learning based on interests and goals, and move through as they demonstrate mastery of concepts and competencies. Check out this short Day In the Life video to see what it looks like for William and his classmates.