Donna currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband.

Donna Roman | Design Manager

As a Design Manager, Donna supports, facilitates, and coaches educators, school, and district leaders from around the country as they work to rethink learning in their environment.

Donna came to 2Rev from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) where she served as the Manager of Personalized Learning. In that role, she worked in a team of district administrators, principals, teachers, and students to develop the vision and implementation plan for personalized learning across CPS. Donna also managed cohorts of 10-20 schools as they designed and implemented personalized learning in their schools. She has over two decades of teaching experience in California, Minnesota, and Illinois. While in the classroom, she became obsessively passionate about the power of technology and learning. That passion led to many opportunities, including recognition by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the Microsoft in Education Global Forum.  Donna holds Masters Degrees in both Reading Instruction and Educational Leadership. She values collaborative learning, effective use of technology, shared leadership, and learner-centered and driven systems at all levels. 

How do you see the role of technology in education?

I once had a student with Apraxia. Due to his insecurity about his speech, he barely said a word, and he was almost always alone. My class connected with students across the world through blogging about their learning. As the months went on, this student got more comments on his blog than anyone else. That raised curiosity in his classmates and they started reading his blog. They were dumbfounded by his intelligence, perceptiveness, wisdom and humor. The recognition from peers around the world and in his class changed his life from inside and out. He embodied his new found confidence as he sat with new friends at lunch, contributed in group projects and was included and embraced in after school events. This serves as a reminder for me that technology, if used well, can open doors, minds, hearts, and souls. I am inspired to continue to push against poor use of technology and champion the individual and the myriad of tools to support the full expression of being human. Technology can be a powerful force to catapult learners around the world, dive deep into useful data, engage fully in connected webs of collaboration and create rich expressions of learning. On a world stage where complex knowledge construction is a critical life skill, technology can play a leading role.

What educational transformation excites you most?

Educators and education policy are beginning to align with beliefs about what learners need to succeed. As an industry, we are realizing things such as: just because it is easily measured doesn’t mean we should be using it to measure, providing students with individualized learning doesn’t come from one size fits all teacher professional development, and micromanaging teachers does not lead to students who feel empowered to drive their own learning. Systems that are based on fear and control can’t create flexible, responsive learning environments. To have empowered students, we need empowered teachers. To have empowered teachers, we need empowered systems. I am passionately energized to work with educators to help align their educational systems with their beliefs.