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Deric and his wife, Jessica, live with their toes in the sand on Galveston Island, TX. A self-proclaimed polymath, Deric is an avid cook, a painter, woodworker, published author and award winning poet, and plays 13 different musical instruments.

Deric Fulbright | Project Associate

Deric brings 20+ years of administrative, executive and marketing support experience, and a strong desire to help others achieve their personal and business goals to his role as 2Rev's Project Associate. He will provide 2Rev customers, both internal and external, with scheduling, data management, and strategic planning support. With a Bachelor Degree in English/Rhetoric and valuable experience gained working with both small business start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations, Deric has the vision, tools, and confidence to navigate with aplomb the daily challenges that will come with being 2Rev’s “Administrative Catalyst for Success.”

What Fuels your Passion to Help Others?

My desire for service stems from my time in the US Air Force as a Nuclear Missile Technician - working with those weapons gave me a sense of pride and humility (and a receding hairline at age 23). In the Air Force, we live by three Core Values – Integrity First, Service before Self, Excellence in All You Do. That is what I try to bring to every aspect of my life – “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing honestly, for others, and to the best of my ability.” A fourth value I hold dear is “embrace empathy.” Using these guideposts to help others be their best, which simultaneously brings out the best in myself – I can’t think of a better use of my time and talents.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am a man filled with a childlike love of wonder, a deep-seated belief in compassion, an unquenchable curiosity and a feverishly inventive imagination.