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These resources were co-designed through a partnership between the Deeper Learning experts at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and 2Revolutions.

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education (GSE) supports teachers, educational leaders, and school founders in reimagining schools with a focus on equity, Deeper Learning, and shared leadership. The GSE is embedded within the 13 High Tech High K-12 schools, providing a rich context for personalized, hands-on learning and the integration of theory and practice. 

2Revolutions (2Rev) is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system. 2Rev works with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K12 and Higher Education to design, build, and implement new learning models and help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future. In its work with educators, 2Rev provides in-person, blended, and online learning experiences on a range of Future of Learning topics, including Deeper Learning. 

Make learning real-world

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Deeper Learning Learning Progression: Self-assess your ability to design, implement, and respond to authentic learning opportunities in order to make learning more relevant and rigorous, empowering learners to successfully navigate the next stages in their journey.


Deeper Learning Playlist: If you want to advance your ability to support Deeper Learning but don’t have the time or inclination to engage in a full course, use this playlist to build your knowledge and skills. Pick the relevant portion of the playlist based on where you self-assess on the learning progression.


Designing for Deeper Learning: How might we design learning experiences that support Deeper Learning? This course is designed to build your understanding of what Deeper Learning is and why it matters. You’ll explore key practices that drive Deeper Learning and pilot a Deeper Learning experience with your learners.

Cultivating Collaborative Learning: Collaboration is a key driver and outcome within Deeper Learning. Collaboration is a driver because teaming with peers, educators, and community members helps students unlock new learning and become more engaged. Collaboration is an outcome because it is a key skill for college, career, and life, and a core competency for Deeper Learning. Throughout this course, you’ll build your ability to implement collaborative practices that support Deeper Learning, including leading peer critique, facilitating group worthy work, and co-designing learning experiences with others.

Share Your Learning: Schools across the country are increasingly incorporating practices that allow students to share their learning through public presentation like Senior Projects, Capstones, Gateways, and Showcases. Yet educators don't always have much guidance about how to ensure the experience is a rich one for the learners and the community members who attend. This course breaks down how to use Share Your Learning experiences to drive Deeper Learning and empower students. It guides you through the process of designing, revising, and piloting a Share Your Learning experience.