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These resources were co-designed through a partnership between the Broader Definition of Success experts at Next Generation Learning Challenges and 2Revolutions.

Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), an initiative of EDUCAUSE, enables educators who are reimagining public education. NGLC was formed on two core principles: that the experiences of all students in schools should be more about learning and less about teaching, and that it is the educators who should take the lead in this transformation. NGLC was founded in 2010 by EDUCAUSE in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

2Revolutions (2Rev) is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system. 2Rev works with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K12 and Higher Education to design, build, and implement new learning models and help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future. In its work with educators, 2Rev provides in-person, blended, and online learning experiences on a range of Future of Learning topics, including Broader Definition of Success. 

Support the whole child

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Broader Definition of Success Learning Progression: Self-assess your ability to support learners in fostering central dispositions and developing critical 21st century skills.


Broader Definition of Success Playlist: If you want to advance your ability to support a Broader Definition of Success but don’t have the time or inclination to engage in a full course, use this playlist to build your knowledge and skills. Pick the relevant portion of the playlist based on where you self-assess on the learning progression.


Understand the Changing WorldChange is difficult and even frightening. Intertwined with the creation of something new is the loss or destruction of something old and familiar. However, the world in which our students live has changed fundamentally and rapidly. This change is not something we can reverse or even slow down, yet the way we think about teaching and learning has not kept pace. So it is time to ask ourselves: What are the real-world conditions today that our students will need to address?

Success in a Changing World: When we think about the challenges our students will face, it is tempting to react with dread of the future or to simply hope and dream things will get better. Neither of these responses is empowering. Between the two lies “design,” a proactive, problem-solving approach to the challenges of a changing world. In this course, you have the opportunity and agency to design your response to these challenges and to work collaboratively to redefine what success looks like for the students you serve.

Design Learning for a Changing World: To prepare students for a successful future, new designs for learning and new approaches to measuring what matters are essential. There is growing consensus for the kind of learning students need: experiences that address the whole person, that engage deeper understanding, that prepare learners to ask new questions and seek new types of answers, and that ultimately support learners in their self-development and their ability to continue learning throughout their lives.

In this course you design (or redesign) a project or other powerful learning experience to support these broader competencies, including planning for authentic and varied assessments for learning. Through individual reflection and in collaboration with peers, students, and real-world partners, you have the opportunity to create a rich and memorable learning experience that embraces the full range of success competencies students need and deserve.