Brigid lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Vinicio, and her son, Joaquin.

Brigid Moriarty-Guerrero | Senior Consultant

Brigid is a senior consultant at 2Rev; building connected, deep learning experiences for teachers and educational leaders as they create their Future of Learning. She taught for more than 10 years as a bilingual and elementary education teacher with experience in ESL, Dual-Immersion, and the Reggio Emilia Approach, sharing her love of inquiry, project, and community-based learning with students, families, and colleagues in public schools in Colorado and Washington D.C. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and Biology both from the University of Colorado. She has years of experience in coordinating holistic RtI programs and staff development, curriculum design, adaptive educational game development, school gardens, mindfulness with children, and extensive experience planning and carrying out inquiry-based project work. She is a teacher-researcher who has spent years honing the practice and art of education. She believes deeply in students rights and providing meaningful learning experiences for all learners. During her years in the classroom, Brigid was honored with highest distinctions and the SW Denver Excellence in Education Award.

Brigid joined 2Rev inspired to facilitate innovative work in education to meet the needs, demands, and dreams of ALL learners. She now works with teachers, leaders, and learners to design and implement their models for Future of Learning. The heart of Brigid's practice is helping implement and use human-centered design, strategic planning, personalized and competency-based professional development, and change management to help realize new school models. When not designing educational experiences, she spends her time playing with her son in a park, enjoying a hike with friends, eating fresh delicious food, or drinking coffee or a microbrew with her husband.

What makes you an inquirist?

I am at heart an inquirist - someone who observes, asks questions, provides provocations, and designs responsively to human needs - part scientist, part educator.  My work is to design meaningful learning experiences for adult learners that meets them where they are and deepens their content knowledge and skill acquisition in demonstrable ways.  

How do you think inquiry can transform learning experiences for educators?

I believe inquiry holds tremendous promise to meet the needs of today’s students and society and prepare them for the future in a way that is filled with joy, challenges, growth, and community.  I've worked as an early childhood and bilingual educator always striving for those deeper learning moments. I've also trained teachers and designed holistic RtI approaches at the school level. I believe education can be transformative, I’m here at 2Rev to work with people who believe in and DO this work.