2017’s Most Popular Blog Posts

Sometimes we run into the new year so fast we don’t have the time to intentionally look back at the one that is coming to an end. Yet slowly, carefully turning over the full swarth of the experiences, insights, ups and downs of the past year helps us think about what we want this next year to look like and why.

One special part of having a blog (which we launched in 2017!), is it gives us a snapshot into what we were working on and thinking at certain moments throughout the year, helping us slow down and reflect on where the year took us.

Here are our top five most read blog posts from 2017. The newness of 2018 stands in front of us, and we hope these stories leave you thinking about what the future of learning might look like for you in 2018.

1. Building Field Readiness & Capacity to Personalize by Adam Rubin - We are thrilled about our partnership with leading ed-orgs from around the country to create free and open content for educators, which will help them build the knowledge and skills they need to personalize learning for students. This post shares all the details of this work.

2. What Does It Take to Build Innovative, Integrative Community? by Todd Kern - How can our communities be more integrative? How do we design against the fragmentation and siloization that often happens? This post shares the work 2Rev is doing as part of the Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Integration Design Consortium to do just that - figure out what it takes to build innovative, integrative community with a community partner from around the country.

3. Creating A Culture of Empathy by Nicole Falcone - Tending to people’s hearts and minds is a necessary component of change and innovation. This post shares why developing a culture of empathy, one where we demonstrate in our actions and our words deep reverence for each other is so important now more than ever.

4. But Wait…Isn’t 2Rev For-profit? by Todd Kern - Written by one of 2Rev’s co-founders, this post shares insight into 2Rev’s business model as a mission-driven for-profit, and why when we “focus on what motivates people to act, we quickly see that doing well and doing good need not be such strange bedfellows.”

5. Magic in Winooski, Vermont by Ali Brown - This blog is a perfect way to wrap up the top five list, sharing the tremendous journey of Winooski School District in Vermont to create a wider ecosystem of learning, profoundly broadening the experiences that middle and high school students have so they can become more prepared to live the life they want to lead.

Happy New Year!