Ben lives in Philadelphia with his wife, three children, three dogs, two cats and small flock of chickens.

Ben Rayer | Partner

Ben is responsible for supporting 2Rev in designing and implementing new school models that are reimagining what education could be for today’s children. Doing this work allows Ben to leverage his knowledge of the design process and his rich experience working in and developing new school models. It also allows Ben to support policymakers as they reorient their work to support a new future for learning.

Ben comes to 2Rev after five years founding and running a network of personalized learning charter schools. He has also worked in large school districts, been a financial advisor to large governments and school systems, and began his career as an urban school teacher as part of Teach For America. Ben graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Public Policy, received an MA in Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a 2002 Fellow of the Broad Superintendent’s Academy. 

How does the implementation of a great idea change it?

It is the rare idea that maintains its original form once implemented. Great ideas are just that…ideas. Once you begin implementing an idea, it naturally changes as you learn more about what it takes to implement your original concept. Rather than worry about whether an idea is “good enough” or right, organizations should get started implementing it and embrace the challenge of adapting the original concept to something new depending on what works and what the data tells you. The best ideas are the ones that are thoughtfully implemented by teams that adapt to the circumstances they face during execution.

What inspires you most about this work?

Helping people think through their ideas and turning those concepts into something real gives me great pleasure. I love watching people coalesce around an idea and supporting them in refining it and thinking through the possibilities of that initial inspiration. I also love working with teams as they manage through the change process that goes along with implementing any idea. It is fascinating to work with teams as they recognize opportunities and reorient their ideas to better meet the need they set out to address or overcome.