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The Center for Collaborative Education (CCE) is a non-profit with a mission to transform schools to ensure that all students succeed. CCE partners with educators and leaders to develop strategies, processes and tools that support schools that prepare every student to achieve academically and make a positive contribution to a democratic society.

2Revolutions is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system.

Authentic, Rigorous Assessment Courses

Assessment Foundations: This course explores foundational concepts in assessment, including comprehensive and balanced assessment, validity, reliability, formative assessment and feedback.

Performance Assessment Essentials: This course serves as an introduction to performance assessment and explores key concepts in performance assessment, including depth of knowledge, authenticity and transfer.

The Performance Assessment Cycle: In this course, educators will learn and practice the process for implementing a performance assessment, including task design, validation, rubric design and calibration.

Performance Assessment for Deeper Learning: This upper level course builds on educators’ prior knowledge and skills about performance assessment and formative assessment to ensure they are designing performance assessments and supporting instruction to capture deeper learning of academic skills, academic content and essential skills and dispositions.

Gathering a Body of Evidence: This upper level course explores the strategies involved in collecting and assessing bodies of evidence from students in order to measure progress or determine mastery of a given set of standards or competencies.

Student-Designed Learning Projects: This upper level course investigates how to use student-designed learning projects as a means of assessing competency.