2Revolutions is a national education design lab striving to transform the American education system. We work with entrepreneurial leaders and practitioners within K12 and Higher Education to design, build and implement new learning models and help catalyze the enabling systems that prepare students for success in the future.

Everyone sees the problem. The world is changing much faster than our schools have been able to respond. We are failing to equip most young people with the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need to be successful. Commitment to “reform” isn’t enough, but for most leaders it is difficult to navigate the journey – What should they aim at?  Where and how should they begin?

At 2Rev, we disrupt the status quo by giving education leaders and practitioners permission and support to innovate. With a user-centered design approach, we help entrepreneurial educators pull the very change levers available to them to make significant and lasting change. We are partners in transformation.

These six core values guide everything we do and serve as a foundation for our organizational culture — who we are, who we aspire to be, how we work and with whom we choose to partner.  

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By approaching complex problems as curious design thinkers, we don’t show up with preordained solutions. 

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Today's kids need something better than what our education system currently offers.  

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2Rev catalyzes impact by fusing social change agents with economic free agents who "do what they love, for good."

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As an organization, we are 100% mission driven. 

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The breadth of our partnerships enables us to constantly learn new lessons about models and systems that inform our thinking and our work.

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