Harnessing the Passion of Entrepreneurs

Our firm's name is derived from the deliberate integration of two forces that are reshaping the education landscape:

The Social Change Revolution

Now more than ever, a complex web of problems is tearing at the fabric of our democracy and challenging America’s position within an increasingly flat global economy. We need solutions that can meet the bigness of these problems head-on. We need to build the Future of Learning…now. While many of the problems our world faces are not new, new approaches for addressing them have emerged. One is a focus on building learning models and systems designed explicitly to meet the unique needs of learners. Another is the powerful wave of social innovation that challenges old assumptions; blurs traditional boundaries between government, for-profit and non-profit; and is led by a new kind of leadership defined by discipline, heart and transparent accountability for results. At 2Rev we work with these social change agents to help build and test solutions that can create the revolution we’re all striving toward.

The Labor Market Revolution

We all recognize the economy is shifting rapidly. The forces of globalization are creating more opportunity and less certainty – punishing stasis while rewarding creativity, flexibility and agility. Historically, organizations were the primary holders of talent and information, but today networks and individuals increasingly play these roles. At the same time, shifting labor economics and advances in technology are fundamentally changing how people work. Seeking more control over their lives, a growing number of knowledge economy professionals are taking a more entrepreneurial approach as they pursue intellectual and economic independence. Our model, which we call the Talent Cloud™, harnesses these powerful trends as our second revolution and enables these economic free agents to take a tangible step in this direction. 


By deliberately harnessing the synergy between these two trends – by fusing social change agents with economic free agents who "do what they love, for good" – we’re trying to help catalyze social impact that is significant, scalable and sustainable.